My So Called Life

Well I did it. I created my first blog. And I used a cheesy reference to one of my top favorite 90’s t.v. shows.

A little background information on myself (I’ll keep it short, don’t want to bore you). A May 2013 University of Dayton graduate, Management and Marketing with a teensy weensy Sales Emphasis. Moved to the CLE in July for my first big girl job, still in the CLE for my second one. I’m a Paid-Search Specialist meaning I’m the annoying person that puts ads all over Google.  I am living in this brand new city in a pretty rad apartment where I have all 700 square feet to myself. I have an awesome family and the best of friends that live at minimum eight hours away from me. My boyfriend and I are currently on our forever month of long distance and its going surprisingly well besides the sore behinds from driving all the time.

I figured I was tired of hearing my parents constant nagging of what I need to do in the real world so I’m going to help you avoid that. Whether you’re a recent college graduate like myself, a few years past that, or in college, you can use my life as a lesson. Follow along on my crazy adventure, it will be a wild ride.

I can’t promise you the real world will be pretty or always fun but I definitely know that it is worth it.


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