F is for Friends and Fun

Growing up has its ups and downs and tonight was an up. A few friends from work and school created a book club and had our first meeting tonight! Ahh how exciting.


Its hard making new friends in a new city. I moved here with no one but my stuffed animal and a cell phone full of phone numbers for people far away. Now two months later I have weekday and weekend plans every week.

So here’s my advice on how to at least meet people:

  • Once you make one friend the rest will come naturally.
  • Start at work. You are stuck with those people 40 hours a week, might as well like them as well. I started with my orientation/training group. We were the newest hires so we might as well banded together. If your company has a messenger system try messaging at least one new person a day. That’s how I met my two closest Cleveland friends (who are also in my book club).
  • Next advice is if you know anyone that lives where you do reach out to them. You might not know them too well but they might be all you have for awhile. Dinner, lunch or drinks once a week won’t kill you.
  • Interrupt people’s conversations. If you’re on the elevator and here someone talking about your favorite band butt in. They might hate you but at least you tried. That’s how I made friends with a guy from work that also happens to live in my building. He was talking about his awesome apartment one day with someone else and I overheard it was where I lived as well. We now are walk home buddies.
  • Compliment people, smile, be friendly. Its corny but it works.
  • Ask people to lunch all the time! People love to eat. Don’t be crazy.


 Here’s a few pieces of advice once you got them:

  • Text them.
  • Invite them out – to lunch and on the weekends
  • Form a group – like a book club (Oprah has great advice, follow the link)
  • Go to all the events – 20 of us are going to the Indians game this weekend

Now I get to tell you about my book club. There’s going to be eight of us but only six could come today. We met at my place for the first meeting. I made amazing mini crescent dogs and a cheese tray. Also all the wine in the world was bought, all of it. We picked a book and gossiped and it was the most fun ever.

If you are still having trouble at least try this book How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

If worse comes to worse Netflix is always a good friend.



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