Chicken Soup for the Long Distance Soul – Part 1

I am a lucky lady. I have an amazing boyfriend who makes every day of my life perfect. He never criticizes my shoe obsession and lets me hit him with sticks when my ADD kicks in. Only problem is he lives 3.5 hours away (or $60 in gas round trip).


Fortunately we don’t usually go two weeks without seeing each other. But it doesn’t make it any easier. It sucks when I’m sick or just tired and want to cuddle up with him. I can’t share my favorite meals with him or just day to day activities like cleaning. However, there is no one else I would rather have by my side (or in my heart).

I can’t say I’m the picture perfect girlfriend or that I have long distance down to a science but I have some tips that can help whether you’re starting your freshman year of college or just moving far away.

  1. Pick and chose your battles. When you are together all the time its common to fight more because you’re able to make up fast. When I’m mad at my boo I have to make a phone call and we might not see each other for weeks in between. So sometimes little things aren’t important to complain about. Unless it makes me very upset or is something important to address I usually leave it out. We don’t get to talk as much as we’d both like because life gets in the way so its nice not to waste that time fighting.
  2. Take up each other’s interests. I get about twenty ESPN notifications a day for my beautiful boyfriend’s favorite teams. He loves his sport teams so I want to as well. Now I can talk to him about the games and actually understand what’s happening!
  3. Find something you can together even though you’re apart. We watch CommunityFirst of all, its hilarious and you should watch it. Secondly it gives us something to talk about. We start them at the same time and then talk about them afterwards. It is one of my favorite days of the week.
  4. Become friends with each other’s friends. My new friends love him and I love his friends. You need to be part of each other’s daily lives when you’re together. This should be a simple one. It also brings more trust into the relationship because you’ll know what the people they are with are like.

I have a lot more advice and it will come during Part 2. But I need to go watch some Community with my man. Toodles.



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