Being Sick in the Real World vs. Being Sick in the Fake World Before Grown Up Life

The sick days before being a grown up were spectacular…well that might be an exaggeration since being sick is never good but they were easier. Your mom made you chicken noodle soup, you laid in bed all day, if you were in college you skipped class, you could put the A/C or heat up as high or low as you wanted because you aren’t paying for it – the list can go on and on.

I sadly am sick. With what I am not sure. Using my insurance freaks me out so I have avoided the doctor so far. Whether it be a simple cold or diabetes I have no clue what is infesting my body. Which brings me to my point – being sick in the real world sucks.

So here’s my advice and my complaints about this plague I so desperately would love to shake.

  • Get the expensive health plan. Or at least the second expensive. Don’t go for the cheap one to save money because in the end if you get sick or lose a limb you are going to have to pay more. My company has a really great health insurance program so even with the most expensive health insurance it only costs me $30 extra a month. Whoop whoop.
  • Go to the doctor. Don’t be like me. I have an irrational fear of needles and therefore have been on my dying bed before paying ol’ Doctor Reliable a visit. That being said if you are new to the city find a good doctor. Best place to start is with people from around the office. They have the same health insurance as you do and were in your shoes at one point in time. Next use your health insurance provider list. But I really would start with your coworkers. Don’t want you to get stuck with scary clown doctor whose breath smells like hot dogs (based on a true story).


  • Wash your dang hands. I know you learned this in kindergarten and every year on but so many people don’t do it. Wash your hands every time you go to the bathroom. Clean your work station at least once a week. And don’t share drinks. It might seem like common sense but everyone is dumb including myself.
  • Take a multivitamin. My favorite is the Flintstones vitamins with immune support. They aren’t expensive and taste delicious.
  • Rest! Don’t run around trying to pretend like you aren’t sick. You are, just deal with it. There is always more happy hours and more days in the week to make plans. Go to gosh darn sleep.
  • But don’t take sick days unless you have to. You’ve only got a few. Don’t waste them all. It’s not college. Your job doesn’t wait around for you.


  • Take medicine. You make money now, beer doesn’t actually solve colds.


Overall being sick sucks. Going to work and being sick sucks worse. But at least you’re getting paid.


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