Happy Hour – Grown Up Edition

In college happy hour went by a different day. Day drinking, going to the bar, grinding, well it was the same thing but a little better trashier. And then you learn about happy hour. Its glorious. You go and its not like you have homework, tests or club meeting. You just get to go with no worries.


That being said there are a lot of different rules than taking shots at your college bar. 

  1. Never pay full price. Its called happy hour because you’re happy its not breaking the bank. Find a good deal whether it be Taco Tuesday or $1 beer night. Most places have one and most of them are pretty great. 
  2. Find a solid group. It can be coworkers, your bookclub, anything but make sure you enjoy the company. If you don’t like the people you are with its going to be like the dentist. You feel like you have to go but you don’t want to. Soon you’ll fade out and not get your satisfaction.  
  3. Pick a day of the week and go every week. It will give you something to look forward to all week and it takes the hassle out of planning. We go to Bar Louie on Wednesdays for $1 beers and half price appetizers. 
  4. Don’t talk about work. Its called happy hour not boring or miserable hour. Take a break and have fun. 
  5. Don’t gossip about coworkers especially if you are with coworkers. I don’t think I need to explain this one but I will. People will relay the gossip. You don’t want to do that.
  6. Be happy. Its in the name. 

This is one of the great perks of being an adult. Enjoy it! 



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