So You Wanna Get a Grown Up Job…

Money is nice. From a young age money has always enticed us. Allowances, finding quarters on the ground, the first job mowing lawns. But its nice when your parents buy everything else and you save your money for an Xbox. I know that I had no clue all the bills that existed. 

To get money you need a job. To get a job you need an interview. To get an interview you need a resume. And repeat. I’m not an expert on getting a job but I think I have a good idea on how it works. 


This will be a five part series so let’s start from the beginning – the resume.

  1. Start with a template. It might be generic but its a good start to later upload into your own format. 
  2. Make sure to have all your contact information. You’ll need your address (current and if you live at school), phone number, and address. 
  3. If you have a website add it. If you don’t have one maybe its time to make one. is a good place to start. 
  4. An objective might not be important anymore. Unless you are going to change it every job application than you shouldn’t put it on there. 
  5. Education is key. If your GPA isn’t too high, don’t put it. There are other things that are important. 
  6. Use numbers. If you can put work experience in numbers put it in there. For example if you raised productivity by 30% it looks better than raised spirits.  Details and adjectives are also really important too.
  7. Show growth. On my resume I show that I started as a lowly catering staff member and worked my way up to Director of Marketing. It shows commitment and success.
  8. Try to show no blanks or lulls in experience. If you weren’t working in 1994 at least show you volunteered with the Red Cross.
  9. Include volunteer and after school activities. Volunteering at the bike drive might not have seemed cool but it looks awesome to employers. Plus maybe the HR lady was on the cross country club team too. It might give you a little boost in the process.
  10. Don’t lie, strongly word that stuff. Use great wording and you’ll nail it. 
  11. References are a thing of the past. 
  12. But formatting will always be key. Make sure every i is dotted and t is crosses. Image
  13. Lastly, make it interesting! You like kickboxing, add it. If you once built a nine foot tall lego creation, someone will be impressed.Image

Just to finish it all off here’s a checklist:

  • Do you have your contact information? – Name, address, phone, email, website
  • Any special skills?
  • Work experiences?
  • At least one form of numbered statistic?
  • At least two bullet points per experience?
  • Volunteer experience?
  • After school activities?
  • Any relevant school projects?
  • References if asked for?
  • Spell check. formatting, review.
  • Double review.

Good luck! You’ll need it. 


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