How The Walking Dead Helped Me Lose Weight…Like a Grown Up

First off, whoooa pump the breaks. I haven’t been on here in a month. Does that make me a terrible person? Yes. Do I feel horrible about it? Eh, kinda. I’m very sorry for my lack of posts during the month of October. Grown up life got too crazy and I had to take a break. But never fear I will be back every Thursday with sarcasm and wittiness to fulfill your grown up desires.

“How has a t.v. show caused weight loss?” “Isn’t it the opposite?” Is she on a zombie apocalypse diet?” These are all questions that are probably (most definitely) going through your mind.

I was a full time subscriber to cable (and the sucky kind if you know what company I’m talking about…wink wink). I would mindlessly watch t.v. when I was bored instead of do the things I loved. I could get sucked into an episode of Catfish and five hours later it’d be bed time and I wouldn’t be ready for grown up life the next day.

Then I discovered this crazy thing. Most gyms have televisions. And a lot of those gyms have televisions on their equipment. Now I got lucky because my wonderful apartment complex has a gym that doesn’t cost a dime. But most gyms cost the same as a cable subscription. So I dropped my cable (but kept my internet because duh and/or hello I couldn’t live without Buzzfeed).

I watch three shows pretty consistently, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and Parks and Recreation. So every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday I head over to the gym for an hour workout and to watch my favorite shows. I started this at the beginning of October and so far with a little better eating I’m down five pounds in a month!

Now instead of watching t.v. shows I don’t really care about, I come home and make delicious bread or read a book (like Roomwhich I highly suggest).

So what do I suggest? Stop watching t.v. on your butt! Cancel your cable and start walking/running/ellipticalling. With my favorite t.v. shows I added three hours of cardio a week which I would otherwise just been watching sitting down.

How The Walking Dead helped me lose weight…it made me run like hell.


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