How The Walking Dead Helped Me Lose Weight…Like a Grown Up

First off, whoooa pump the breaks. I haven’t been on here in a month. Does that make me a terrible person? Yes. Do I feel horrible about it? Eh, kinda. I’m very sorry for my lack of posts during the month of October. Grown up life got too crazy and I had to take a break. But never fear I will be back every Thursday with sarcasm and wittiness to fulfill your grown up desires.

“How has a t.v. show caused weight loss?” “Isn’t it the opposite?” Is she on a zombie apocalypse diet?” These are all questions that are probably (most definitely) going through your mind.

I was a full time subscriber to cable (and the sucky kind if you know what company I’m talking about…wink wink). I would mindlessly watch t.v. when I was bored instead of do the things I loved. I could get sucked into an episode of Catfish and five hours later it’d be bed time and I wouldn’t be ready for grown up life the next day.

Then I discovered this crazy thing. Most gyms have televisions. And a lot of those gyms have televisions on their equipment. Now I got lucky because my wonderful apartment complex has a gym that doesn’t cost a dime. But most gyms cost the same as a cable subscription. So I dropped my cable (but kept my internet because duh and/or hello I couldn’t live without Buzzfeed).

I watch three shows pretty consistently, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and Parks and Recreation. So every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday I head over to the gym for an hour workout and to watch my favorite shows. I started this at the beginning of October and so far with a little better eating I’m down five pounds in a month!

Now instead of watching t.v. shows I don’t really care about, I come home and make delicious bread or read a book (like Roomwhich I highly suggest).

So what do I suggest? Stop watching t.v. on your butt! Cancel your cable and start walking/running/ellipticalling. With my favorite t.v. shows I added three hours of cardio a week which I would otherwise just been watching sitting down.

How The Walking Dead helped me lose weight…it made me run like hell.


So You Wanna Get a Grown Up Job…

Money is nice. From a young age money has always enticed us. Allowances, finding quarters on the ground, the first job mowing lawns. But its nice when your parents buy everything else and you save your money for an Xbox. I know that I had no clue all the bills that existed. 

To get money you need a job. To get a job you need an interview. To get an interview you need a resume. And repeat. I’m not an expert on getting a job but I think I have a good idea on how it works. 


This will be a five part series so let’s start from the beginning – the resume.

  1. Start with a template. It might be generic but its a good start to later upload into your own format. 
  2. Make sure to have all your contact information. You’ll need your address (current and if you live at school), phone number, and address. 
  3. If you have a website add it. If you don’t have one maybe its time to make one. is a good place to start. 
  4. An objective might not be important anymore. Unless you are going to change it every job application than you shouldn’t put it on there. 
  5. Education is key. If your GPA isn’t too high, don’t put it. There are other things that are important. 
  6. Use numbers. If you can put work experience in numbers put it in there. For example if you raised productivity by 30% it looks better than raised spirits.  Details and adjectives are also really important too.
  7. Show growth. On my resume I show that I started as a lowly catering staff member and worked my way up to Director of Marketing. It shows commitment and success.
  8. Try to show no blanks or lulls in experience. If you weren’t working in 1994 at least show you volunteered with the Red Cross.
  9. Include volunteer and after school activities. Volunteering at the bike drive might not have seemed cool but it looks awesome to employers. Plus maybe the HR lady was on the cross country club team too. It might give you a little boost in the process.
  10. Don’t lie, strongly word that stuff. Use great wording and you’ll nail it. 
  11. References are a thing of the past. 
  12. But formatting will always be key. Make sure every i is dotted and t is crosses. Image
  13. Lastly, make it interesting! You like kickboxing, add it. If you once built a nine foot tall lego creation, someone will be impressed.Image

Just to finish it all off here’s a checklist:

  • Do you have your contact information? – Name, address, phone, email, website
  • Any special skills?
  • Work experiences?
  • At least one form of numbered statistic?
  • At least two bullet points per experience?
  • Volunteer experience?
  • After school activities?
  • Any relevant school projects?
  • References if asked for?
  • Spell check. formatting, review.
  • Double review.

Good luck! You’ll need it. 

Happy Hour – Grown Up Edition

In college happy hour went by a different day. Day drinking, going to the bar, grinding, well it was the same thing but a little better trashier. And then you learn about happy hour. Its glorious. You go and its not like you have homework, tests or club meeting. You just get to go with no worries.


That being said there are a lot of different rules than taking shots at your college bar. 

  1. Never pay full price. Its called happy hour because you’re happy its not breaking the bank. Find a good deal whether it be Taco Tuesday or $1 beer night. Most places have one and most of them are pretty great. 
  2. Find a solid group. It can be coworkers, your bookclub, anything but make sure you enjoy the company. If you don’t like the people you are with its going to be like the dentist. You feel like you have to go but you don’t want to. Soon you’ll fade out and not get your satisfaction.  
  3. Pick a day of the week and go every week. It will give you something to look forward to all week and it takes the hassle out of planning. We go to Bar Louie on Wednesdays for $1 beers and half price appetizers. 
  4. Don’t talk about work. Its called happy hour not boring or miserable hour. Take a break and have fun. 
  5. Don’t gossip about coworkers especially if you are with coworkers. I don’t think I need to explain this one but I will. People will relay the gossip. You don’t want to do that.
  6. Be happy. Its in the name. 

This is one of the great perks of being an adult. Enjoy it! 


Being Lazy Grown Up Style

Being a grown up is busy and exhausting. Getting up super early to go to work, getting off late, then running errands, eating dinner, hanging out with friends, cleaning, etc. etc. will wear you out. And those are light days. The days where you have to do laundry or go to the doctor are even more exhausting. 

This last week I was sick and had to go to the doctors and do all sorts of busy things. So Friday was my lazy, stay in night. Awesome awesome awesome! 

So here’s my guide to being lazy in the grown up world (because you deserve it sometimes).

  1. Watch something cool. I stayed in and watched the real cool new show Orange is the New Black on Netflix. I would highly recommend it! Watch a movie or a tv show or anything that you’ve been just planning on watching.
  2. Don’t clean. Lazy day does not equal cleaning day. Just sit back and relax. Unless cleaning relaxes you. In that case you are going to be a wonderful spouse. 
  3. On a side note, keep your place clean so you can always relax. It takes me an extra two minutes to put away clothes that I decided not to wear. It takes five to do dishes at night. I could wait but if I did it could take well up to an hour and then I’d never get lazy nights. 
  4. Find your comfortable spot. Mine’s my bed. Yours can be the couch, floor, bed, or even the dining room table.
  5. Turn email off. Or even go as far to turn your phone off. Being disconnected when you are always connected will make you feel better.
  6. Go to sleep. Lazy days does not mean stay up late. Get to bed at a decent time.
  7. Do your hobby. Mine is slowly becoming blogging. So nights in are perfect for this.
  8. And my last piece of advice…don’t work.  

I hope you take a lazy night this week and chill out. You deserve it!