How to Be On Time – From a Lateaholic

We all have that friend. The one who makes you sit around. The one that starts getting ready when you’re suppose to be leaving. I’m not that bad but I have the most awesome college roommate who was the queen of late. However I can say I’m pretty close to being the princess of it.


Being late is bad. You should never be late, like ever. It makes you look like a total jerkwad and is very unprofessional. Its hard though. Bed is awesome, pants are not. But we are trying to be grown ups remember so let’s make a pack to get to places on time.

Here’s some advice:

  • Add 10 minutes on. If you think it will take 30 minutes to get ready, give yourself 10 extra minutes. Things always come up. Interesting news, elevator takes too long, traffic gets in the way.
  • Pack your stuff the night before. Whether its your lunch, breakfast or heating pad make sure you’re stuff is ready to go in the morning. It can cut five to ten minutes.
  • Take a shower at night. Especially for girls it takes longer to get ready. Cut off your time anyway possible.
  • Find the fastest transportation. Whether its the trolley, walking, biking, busing or in a car find the way that costs the least and takes the shortest amount of time.
  • Have your morning stuff all together. I have a basket with my makeup, hair stuff and lotion. All my stuff is in one spot and I don’t have to look for it.
  • Clean, do your stuff beforehand. Pick up the night before. Anything that is going to distract you in the morning get it done!

For now, buenos noche. I need to do the above mentioned things so I won’t be late and turn into a jerkwad.



My So Called Life

Well I did it. I created my first blog. And I used a cheesy reference to one of my top favorite 90’s t.v. shows.

A little background information on myself (I’ll keep it short, don’t want to bore you). A May 2013 University of Dayton graduate, Management and Marketing with a teensy weensy Sales Emphasis. Moved to the CLE in July for my first big girl job, still in the CLE for my second one. I’m a Paid-Search Specialist meaning I’m the annoying person that puts ads all over Google.  I am living in this brand new city in a pretty rad apartment where I have all 700 square feet to myself. I have an awesome family and the best of friends that live at minimum eight hours away from me. My boyfriend and I are currently on our forever month of long distance and its going surprisingly well besides the sore behinds from driving all the time.

I figured I was tired of hearing my parents constant nagging of what I need to do in the real world so I’m going to help you avoid that. Whether you’re a recent college graduate like myself, a few years past that, or in college, you can use my life as a lesson. Follow along on my crazy adventure, it will be a wild ride.

I can’t promise you the real world will be pretty or always fun but I definitely know that it is worth it.