Being Lazy Grown Up Style

Being a grown up is busy and exhausting. Getting up super early to go to work, getting off late, then running errands, eating dinner, hanging out with friends, cleaning, etc. etc. will wear you out. And those are light days. The days where you have to do laundry or go to the doctor are even more exhausting. 

This last week I was sick and had to go to the doctors and do all sorts of busy things. So Friday was my lazy, stay in night. Awesome awesome awesome! 

So here’s my guide to being lazy in the grown up world (because you deserve it sometimes).

  1. Watch something cool. I stayed in and watched the real cool new show Orange is the New Black on Netflix. I would highly recommend it! Watch a movie or a tv show or anything that you’ve been just planning on watching.
  2. Don’t clean. Lazy day does not equal cleaning day. Just sit back and relax. Unless cleaning relaxes you. In that case you are going to be a wonderful spouse. 
  3. On a side note, keep your place clean so you can always relax. It takes me an extra two minutes to put away clothes that I decided not to wear. It takes five to do dishes at night. I could wait but if I did it could take well up to an hour and then I’d never get lazy nights. 
  4. Find your comfortable spot. Mine’s my bed. Yours can be the couch, floor, bed, or even the dining room table.
  5. Turn email off. Or even go as far to turn your phone off. Being disconnected when you are always connected will make you feel better.
  6. Go to sleep. Lazy days does not mean stay up late. Get to bed at a decent time.
  7. Do your hobby. Mine is slowly becoming blogging. So nights in are perfect for this.
  8. And my last piece of advice…don’t work.  

I hope you take a lazy night this week and chill out. You deserve it! 


Being Sick in the Real World vs. Being Sick in the Fake World Before Grown Up Life

The sick days before being a grown up were spectacular…well that might be an exaggeration since being sick is never good but they were easier. Your mom made you chicken noodle soup, you laid in bed all day, if you were in college you skipped class, you could put the A/C or heat up as high or low as you wanted because you aren’t paying for it – the list can go on and on.

I sadly am sick. With what I am not sure. Using my insurance freaks me out so I have avoided the doctor so far. Whether it be a simple cold or diabetes I have no clue what is infesting my body. Which brings me to my point – being sick in the real world sucks.

So here’s my advice and my complaints about this plague I so desperately would love to shake.

  • Get the expensive health plan. Or at least the second expensive. Don’t go for the cheap one to save money because in the end if you get sick or lose a limb you are going to have to pay more. My company has a really great health insurance program so even with the most expensive health insurance it only costs me $30 extra a month. Whoop whoop.
  • Go to the doctor. Don’t be like me. I have an irrational fear of needles and therefore have been on my dying bed before paying ol’ Doctor Reliable a visit. That being said if you are new to the city find a good doctor. Best place to start is with people from around the office. They have the same health insurance as you do and were in your shoes at one point in time. Next use your health insurance provider list. But I really would start with your coworkers. Don’t want you to get stuck with scary clown doctor whose breath smells like hot dogs (based on a true story).


  • Wash your dang hands. I know you learned this in kindergarten and every year on but so many people don’t do it. Wash your hands every time you go to the bathroom. Clean your work station at least once a week. And don’t share drinks. It might seem like common sense but everyone is dumb including myself.
  • Take a multivitamin. My favorite is the Flintstones vitamins with immune support. They aren’t expensive and taste delicious.
  • Rest! Don’t run around trying to pretend like you aren’t sick. You are, just deal with it. There is always more happy hours and more days in the week to make plans. Go to gosh darn sleep.
  • But don’t take sick days unless you have to. You’ve only got a few. Don’t waste them all. It’s not college. Your job doesn’t wait around for you.


  • Take medicine. You make money now, beer doesn’t actually solve colds.


Overall being sick sucks. Going to work and being sick sucks worse. But at least you’re getting paid.

How to Be On Time – From a Lateaholic

We all have that friend. The one who makes you sit around. The one that starts getting ready when you’re suppose to be leaving. I’m not that bad but I have the most awesome college roommate who was the queen of late. However I can say I’m pretty close to being the princess of it.


Being late is bad. You should never be late, like ever. It makes you look like a total jerkwad and is very unprofessional. Its hard though. Bed is awesome, pants are not. But we are trying to be grown ups remember so let’s make a pack to get to places on time.

Here’s some advice:

  • Add 10 minutes on. If you think it will take 30 minutes to get ready, give yourself 10 extra minutes. Things always come up. Interesting news, elevator takes too long, traffic gets in the way.
  • Pack your stuff the night before. Whether its your lunch, breakfast or heating pad make sure you’re stuff is ready to go in the morning. It can cut five to ten minutes.
  • Take a shower at night. Especially for girls it takes longer to get ready. Cut off your time anyway possible.
  • Find the fastest transportation. Whether its the trolley, walking, biking, busing or in a car find the way that costs the least and takes the shortest amount of time.
  • Have your morning stuff all together. I have a basket with my makeup, hair stuff and lotion. All my stuff is in one spot and I don’t have to look for it.
  • Clean, do your stuff beforehand. Pick up the night before. Anything that is going to distract you in the morning get it done!

For now, buenos noche. I need to do the above mentioned things so I won’t be late and turn into a jerkwad.


To Roommate or Not to Roommate? There is no right answer.

Last night as I watched mindruining television (aka Catfish) I kept thinking that I really wished I could complain to someone. So I text my boyfriend and he had no clue what I was talking about and my college roommate/best friend was an episode behind and didn’t want me to spoil it.

I live alone in a big apartment and I love it and hate it every other day. There’s a million pros and cons that I could list but I do eventually need to go to bed so I’ll keep it down to three of both.


  1. You can leave as little…or as much stuff around as you want. I am a clean freak and I lived with 6 girls in college that were definitely dirty as boys. I miss them dearly but I can live without their mess. In your own place you can decorate the way you want and you won’t have the awkwardness when you move out and can’t remember whose stuff is whose. Look how pretty my place is 🙂 Image
  2. No drama. Living with 6 girls you would think has made me immune to drama. No, never, not now, not tomorrow. I hate drama, I hate gossip, I hate girls. Needless to say one of those girls was not my favorite and she caused more drama than necessary. When you have a roommate you can’t ever get away from them which is even worse if you are mad at them! My one friend lives with her best friend, carpools to and from work, and works with her. End verdict – they hate each other.
  3. Nakedness is acceptable when you’re alone. Need I say more.


  1. Scary, scary, scary. Maybe this just applies to me or maybe it has something to do with my boyfriend making me see The Conjuring and Insidious both in the same day but sometimes I find myself running from dark rooms and sleeping with the lights on. Any noise that comes from your apartment that isn’t from you is either a burglar, a ghoul, or that pesky ice maker and they all sound pretty similar.
  2. Absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder. Sometimes it makes it very lonely. As I mentioned with my Catfish story boredom is more often than not. I catch myself talking out loud just to hear myself talk. Phone calls to my parents, friends and boyfriend are more frequent on those days when I only have contact with people at work. I also find myself online shopping at my favorite boutique, Merchant 31, on those days too.
  3. Bills are the worst. And they take all your money and leave you with an unfurnished apartment, cable that hardly works, and A/C that is too cold or too hot. Just kidding, that was an exaggeration but it is really expensive. With roommates you split those bills right down the middle (or 3/4, 1/3, you get the point). Which gives you money to maybe upgrade to HBO so you can watch a little Game of Thrones


After all that its clear that there is no right answer to this question. Words of wisdom though: its hard to live with people and can ruin or make a relationship. Make the choice you want to make, if its the wrong one your lease will probably only be a year anyways.

My So Called Life

Well I did it. I created my first blog. And I used a cheesy reference to one of my top favorite 90’s t.v. shows.

A little background information on myself (I’ll keep it short, don’t want to bore you). A May 2013 University of Dayton graduate, Management and Marketing with a teensy weensy Sales Emphasis. Moved to the CLE in July for my first big girl job, still in the CLE for my second one. I’m a Paid-Search Specialist meaning I’m the annoying person that puts ads all over Google.  I am living in this brand new city in a pretty rad apartment where I have all 700 square feet to myself. I have an awesome family and the best of friends that live at minimum eight hours away from me. My boyfriend and I are currently on our forever month of long distance and its going surprisingly well besides the sore behinds from driving all the time.

I figured I was tired of hearing my parents constant nagging of what I need to do in the real world so I’m going to help you avoid that. Whether you’re a recent college graduate like myself, a few years past that, or in college, you can use my life as a lesson. Follow along on my crazy adventure, it will be a wild ride.

I can’t promise you the real world will be pretty or always fun but I definitely know that it is worth it.