Things to Invest In For Your Own Sake (#1)

I have a lot of things, keyword being things. Things that might seem pointless or that I just have to have but there’s a need for everything. Sometimes you wouldn’t even think you need a certain thing or might not have even known it existed but that’s what you have me for.

So the first thing to invest in for your own sake is…A BREAD MAKER!

Now you’re probably thinking what the heck would I ever need with a bread maker. And I personally thought the same thing. My mom gave me her old bread maker. My first thoughts were that I had no room or no need for this hunk of machinery.

But then I made my first loaf. It was magnificence. My first and third and millionth loaf was beer bread (follow that link for deliciousness).

Reasons why a bread maker is awesome:

  1. Saves you money. I find myself throwing away almost full loaves of bread and then having to buy more. With my beautiful bread maker I can make a bread for no cost because I already have the ingredients and if I don’t eat it there’s no extra cost.
  2. When You’re Low on Bread. Instead of running to the store for hamburger buns I can just make some!
  3. It tastes 100% better and its better for you. 

A bread maker will make you happier. Trust me!